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Everything You Need To Know About The ‘Bob’ Director, Aneel Neupane

Aneel Neupane — you might have heard this name for quite a number of times in last couple of days. The Kathmandu based film-maker has been all over the internet recently because of a controversy. We won’t be talking about that right now (you can read all about it HERE) as we’ll only be talking about this multi-talented young fellow and some of his awesomest works. Here’s everything you need to know about him.

aneel neupane 1

Originally from Sunsari, the Lalitpur based 24-year old grew up in Patan. Always a topper in high school and +2 level, he had a keen interest in photography and wanted to pursue a career in the same, but had to go to Delhi to study Chartered Accountancy because of family’s pressure. He agreed on to go to India to study, provided his parents buy him a DSLR camera and that was it, he got his first ever professional camera, a Canon 550D.

He started learning photography from various online tutorials to sharpen his skills. As he came closer to photography, he started getting away from his studies. He had more interest in taking pictures of everything around him rather than attending his classes; and then came a day when he took the biggest decision of his life so far – he dropped out of college to do what he likes to do.

aneel neupane 2

The genre of photography that attracted him the most was miniature. He was always fascinated by the insects and wondered how would it be for us if we were so tiny. He started shrinking himself in the photographs and made a small world of himself. Today, he is a master at miniature photography and also conducts workshops to teach the art to others. Here are some of his photographs of the same genre.

“Now you’re mine.” Yes, that’s the love of his life!

aneel 7

If Jurrasic World was made in Nepal.

aneel 6

Aww! Love is in the air!

aneel 4

Go, get it.

aneel 3

The most adorable king and queen!aneel 2

Let’s play some piano, err, cellphone I mean.

aneel 1

After photography, it was time for him to try something new and exciting. Jall Cawasji, a friend of his, inspired and taught him the basics of film-making. Together they made a commercial ad to participate in MOFILMS Bose Ad contest. Watch it here.

He soon started working on a new project, a short film titled ‘Social’. He wrote, directed and edited the one-minute film that basically tells the everyday story of all of us. Give it a watch.

Then here’s a 42-second comedy short film titled ‘Last Puff’ by Prabin Basnetkazzi which was not only edited by Aneel but he even acted on it. Watch.

And here’s a beautiful wedding video done by him.

And of course, there’s ‘Bob’; the film that inspired the Bollywood director Shirish Kunder’s ‘Kriti’ starring Manoj Bajpayee, Radhika Apte and Neha Sharma. That’s what the whole controversy is about. Watch it here.

Apart from these short films, he did animation for Fuzz Factory Productions while making the music video of Rohit John Chettri’s ‘Sannani’. The 8-bit animation will definitely take you back to the good old days of Mario and Contra. Watch it here.

Phew! Such a talented young lad he is. We are pretty sure that he will definitely bring a revolution in Nepali film industry when he enters it. This talented guy has quite a bright future ahead in front of him. Connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo and YouTube.

Watch his story featured in ‘This Is My Diary’.

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Friday, June 24, 2016

We Bet You Had Never Noticed The Cute Little Anmol KC In ‘Nepali Babu’ Song

Unless you live under a rock, you definitely know who Anmol KC is. Most probably, you know him to have debuted with 2013 film ‘Hostel’.


And if you are a big fan of him or you are more into Nepali films, you know him to have a cameo in 2012 film ‘Sathi Ma Timro’.

sathi ma

Yep, that’s him!

sathi ma timro

Photo: FilmyKhabar

But we are pretty sure that you had never noticed him in the title song from the blockbuster film ‘Nepali Babu’ starring his father Bhuwan KC, mother Sushmeeta KC and Jal Shah. Don’t believe us? See this.

Wait for it!


Yep, that sweet little kid Bhuwan KC kisses is none other than the one who is currently ruling the box office.


Who might have thought that this little kid who was seen for just a second and probably no one even noticed would someday be the highest paid actor and would give back to back blockbuster films!

Watch the song below and also, you can watch the full film HERE.

READ ALSO: Anmol KC Becomes Highest Paid Nepali Actor, Signs A New Film For Whopping 2 Million

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Bollywood Director Stole A Nepali Short Film’s Plot To Create His Masterpiece But Got Busted!

Even if you’re a huge fan of Bollywood films, we don’t think you’re very familiar with the name — Shirish Kunder. To everyone’s surprise; the not-so-successful director of Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Priety Zinta starrer ‘Jaan-E-Mann’; and Akshay Kumar – Sonakshi Sinha starrer ‘Joker’ is currently being appreciated like never before for his directorial short film titled ‘Kriti’. The 18-minute-film starring Manoj Bajpayee, Radhika Apte and Neha Sharma was launched by the Bollywood ‘Queen’ Kangana Ranaut on Thursday. The film that was released on YouTube has been watched over 1.3 million times in less than 48 hours and has been widely appreciated by everyone. But then there came a twist.

It was on Friday morning when a Kathmandu based independent filmmaker, Aneel Neupane, took to his Facebook handle to claim that the film has been copied from his Nepali short film titled ‘Bob’. His claim has been positively and seriously taken by the media, and mostly the Indian media. Online portals such as India.com, SchoopWhoop, India Today, Being Indian, The States Daily and a lot more have written on his favor. The 13-minute short film starring Anoj Pandey, Dipak Shakya and Suzie Shah was finished last year in October but the film was first released on Vimeo earlier this year in May.

Both the films tell the story of a schizophrenic patient who is taking the help of a psychiatrist who suggests him to kill the imaginary person he has been in a relationship with to get rid of the situation. Some scenes, details and the dialogues are just too similar to call it a coincidence. This is what Aneel wrote on his Facebook post.



Talking with NeoStuffs, Aneel said, “I am an independent film-maker and it’s hard for me to complete any project in the lack of necessary resources and a good budget. It was my determination and my team’s tremendous efforts that I was able to finish ‘Bob’ and I am not going to let a big shot Bollywood director ruin our hard work. We are going to fight for the justice. I know it’s going to be a hard journey, but I am on for this.” Advocate Rastra Timalsena who will be assisting him with the process told, “The first step will be to file a Copyright Violation report on YouTube. If that works, ‘Kriti’ will be taken down and all the money they have made off this video will be transferred to the claimant’s account. If it doesn’t , we’ll have to file a legal case.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens next in this case but we’re hopeful that someone’s hard work won’t go in vain. Watch the two films here and let us know what your opinion is.





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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Srijana Regmi Sizzles In Smokin’ Hot Photoshoot For ECS Living

Year 2014 it was when at age 21, Srijana Regmi entered the modelling industry with her participation in Joy Papaya Glam Hunt. She won the title and represented Nepal at Miss Grand International held in Sukhothai, Thailand later that year. She was seen as one of the top contenders for the crown when she took part in Miss Nepal pageant earlier this year. Unfortunately, she was not able to win any of the three main titles and had to satisfy with the fourth spot along with the ‘Miss Talent’ sub title. But the Computer Science graduate didn’t take it as a defeat but a new beginning. She started YouTubing and showed us what actually happens to the garbage from Kathmandu Valley in the initial episodes of her show. She has also been emceeing various events all around the nation and of course, her modelling career is also at its best.

Srijana recently had a photoshoot for ECS Living magazine and the results are absolutely stunning. She is seen in a hot new avatar, posing with some cool motorbikes. The man behind the camera is none other than the master of fashion photography, Kishor Kayastha. Styled by Rajshree RL Rana, Srijana’s make up is done by Meena Kayastha and hair by Bigen Tamang.

Well, now we know who is to be blamed for the increase in global warming! Phew!!

srijana regmi 2

Grab the latest issue of ECS Living to see some more of her.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Journo Recently Asked Shristi Shrestha To Introduce Herself. Well, Let Us Do The Honor!

So, this happened earlier this week. As part of team Gajalu’s press meets around the nation; Shristi Shrestha, Gaurav Pahari and Salon Basnet attended a meet in Chitwan on Sunday. As the cast reached the venue late, a journalist seemed pretty pissed off about it. This is how exactly the most awkward two minutes of the press meet went.

Journalist:You are from near. You came to your home town and you came late. I think you should have come earlier. You are a Miss Nepal and you did this film; did you have a wish to work in a film or you just did it to earn some name?”

Shristi: “Have you researched about me before asking me this question?”

Journalist: “You have done a Hindi music video.”

Shristi: “What am I studying, have you researched about it?”

Journalist:I don’t know about that.”

Shristi: “Find out and then ask me a question.”

*After some moment of awkward silence*

Shristi: Are there any more questions?”

The Same Journalist: “Okay so tell us about yourself once.”

Shristi: “I don’t want to answer that.”

*After a while*

Shristi: “I am learning acting at Mandala. I have worked hard for this. I just didn’t do it to fulfill a wish. It’s not like I shouldn’t work in films because I am a Miss Nepal. Everyone is entitled to their choices and I chose to do this. I have worked hard for this, studied and researched to get here. I didn’t just land here out of opportunity or chance. That’s it.”

Journalist: “Many have come and gone. They do a film or two and disappear. It’s not as easy as you said it is. Spend a couple of years in the industry and you will see.”

Shristi: “You don’t need to tell me that. I will learn about it myself. Thank you so much.”

Watch the video HERE.

Okay, we do think that Shristi shouldn’t have lost her temper and kept her cool; but we also just can’t unsee the behavior of the journalist. The way he asked the question and the way he represented himself didn’t seem to be very appropriate.

We’ve been seeing such incidents where media persons and the film stars are seen involved in some arguments once in a while. Both the parties need to understand the significance of the other as they wouldn’t be what they are in the other’s absence. For example, media plays quite a huge role in promoting the actors and their films and reach their audiences. Having said that, this doesn’t mean that media persons should feel like these actors would be nothing without them. In such a modern world with easy access to technology, it wouldn’t be hard for the actors and the film-makers to reach their audiences through various of online platforms. Plus, dude you’re getting paid for what you’re doing. If it wouldn’t be for those very actors, you might have a hard time earning those bucks. So, the verdict is, keep calm and support each other.

Anyways, the journalist at one time asked Shristi to tell them about herself but she didn’t feel comfortable in answering the question. Well, worry not amigos, let us do the honor. Here’s Shristi Shrestha for you.

Not Just Another Miss Nepal

Image: OnlineKhabar

Image: OnlineKhabar

Shristi was crowned Miss Nepal in 2012 and she went on to represent Nepal at Miss World pageant held at Ordos City, China where she not only became the first delegate from Nepal to reach Top 20 but also won the sub title of ‘Miss Confidence’ along with the other titles of ‘Top 10 Beach Beauty’, ‘Top 10 Multimedia Award’ and ‘Top 10 Dancers’. She is undoubtedly one of the most successful Miss Nepal title holders.

International Model

shristi 2

She had spent her teen years in London where she did some modelling projects. She has so far taken various modelling projects around the world in the UK, Thailand, France, Spain, and more. Along with various fashion events in Nepal such as TGIF Nepal Fashion Week, she has also walked the ramp of London Fashion Week. And you thought, her identity is limited to Miss Nepal, really?

Highest Paid Model in Nepal

shristi 3

Apart from being a super successful ramp model and cover girl of various fashion and lifestyle magazines; Shristi has been part of some Nepali music videos as well. Don’t be surprised when we tell you that she is the highest paid model when it comes to music videos. Yep!

International Music Videos

shristi 4

Her most popular international music video so far is undoubtedly the video of unplugged version of Bollywood song from ‘Jackpot’ for T-Series. She was seen romancing with the lead actor Sachiin J Joshi in the song titled ‘Kabhi Jo Badal Barse’ performed by Arijit Singh. Watch the video HERE. Apart from that, she was also seen in a British-Indian Punjabi music video of ‘Naah Pucho’ by MC Special. Watch it HERE.

Brand Ambassador

Image: Kobold Expedition Tools

Image: Kobold Expedition Tools

Shristi is the brand ambassador of American wrist watch brand ‘Kobold’. She recently even endorsed Nepal’s one of the most luxurious resorts – Meghauli Serai, located in Chitwan.

Theater Actor

Image: Avash Karmacharya

Image: Avash Karmacharya

She recently made her theater debut with the Nepali adaptation of William Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ in which she portrayed the character of Ojaswi (Ophellia). Apart from being staged at Theater Village in Lazimpat, the play took place in London last month. Her role was well received from the audiences and she did gather a lot of praises.

Social Worker

shristi 7

Apart from all of these avatars, one of the most lovable sides of her is a social worker. She was the WWF Young Conservation Ambassador during her Miss Nepal tenure. She later also initiated a charity movement called ‘Rahat Siraha’ to support the victims of the fire eruption in Aurahi, Siraha. She also actively volunteered in various relief campaigns right after the 2015 earthquake. Hmm! Not only beautiful from outside but equally beautiful from inside as well.

So, Mr. Journalist, if you might have mistaken her to have suddenly become popular after doing one film, let us break it down for you, you’re WRONG! She has been here for quite a while now, and you might not have noticed. Anyways, thank us later!

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Biopic On Shristi KC Announced. Benisha Hamal, Arpan Thapa & Najir Husen Roped In

You might remember the video of an inspirational speech by Shristi KC that surfaced on the internet and was the most viral material for quite a long time last year. The 18-minute video had the 23-year old Bhaktapur girl sharing her life story in the event titled ‘Ma Movement’. She had told how at age 16, she lost her eye sight because of the doctor’s negligence and the wrong prescription. But did that stop her from living her life to the fullest and make a mark in the world? Absolutely not. In fact she became even more determined to do something big in her life and went on to be the Tribhuvan University board topper in intermediate level; and was awarded by the president. That was not it, she then topped her college in Bachelors and was the TU topper again in Nepali literature. After achieving quite a lot for herself, she decided to do something for the society and that was when she founded her organization named ‘Blind Rocks’. She started organizing various activities and workshops for the visually impaired people. Not only in Nepal but she went international with various workshops around India, Russia and Hong Kong as well. Today, at a very young age, she is an inspiration for thousands of people.

Shristi’s inspirational life-story is now confirmed to hit the silver screen as a film based on her life was announced in a press meet held in Kathmandu on Monday. Benisha Hamal will play the character of Shristi in the biopic titled ‘Blind Rocks’ that will also star Arpan Thapa, Najir Husen, Gauri Malla, Prajwal Suraj Giri, Shishir Rana and Deepak Gurung. The film produced by Nikesh Limbu will be directed by ‘Hasiya’ and ‘Bir Bikram’ fame Milan Chams and is scheduled to go on floor in November this year.

Here’s the video of Shristi’s amazingly inspirational video. Watch it, get moved, get stunned and get inspired.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Step By Step Process for Canada Express Entry Immigration

यदी तपाईं सँग कुनै पनि क्षेत्र मा १ बर्ष को अनुभव छ भने, तपाईं ले CANADA को EXPRESS ENTRY अन्तर्गत VISA APPLY गर्न सक्नु हुन्छ । APPLY गर्ने STEP BY STEP तरिकाहरु हेर्नुहोस् । आजै ONLINE APPLY गर्नुहोस् । यदी तपाईं सँग दुवाई, कतार, कोरिया, मलेसिया कुबेत वा अन्य कुनै ठाउँ को अनुभव छ भने अझै ग्राहयता पाउन सक्नुहुनेछ !
  • Find your eligibility: There are three different programs in Canada Express entry, each programs requirement are different. To check your eligibility Click Here.
  • Language Test: At least CLB 7 is required for the Canada express entry immigration. CLB level 10 will give you the highest points. To check the language test marks equivalent to CLB level Click Here.
  • Education Credential Assessment: The qualification you gained in your country need to be assessed. To find details about education credential assessment; Click Here.
  • National Occupation Classification (NOC): The NOC is a system used by the Canadian Government to categorized occupations. Occupations are classify on the type of job a person does and the types of job duties. Find the best code that applies to you , Click Here.
  • After complete all these steps create your express entry profile. To create the express entry profile Click Here.
  • Now, by creating your express entry profile; it’s time for the registration your detail in the Job Bank. For registration in the Job Bank , Click Here.
  • Above mentioned steps holds its points based on your age, qualification, work experience and language skills. Click Here for the details about point system.
  • Now you will be pooled with other 1000s of application. To check the pool Click Here.
Your details will viewed by the Canadian employer and if it match their requirement, they will offer you for job. When you get the job offer you will get 600 points.
There are all together 1200 points, 600 is the minimum criteria that you have the chances to get success in Canada express entry immigration. However more point makes you sure to immigrate Canada.
At last you need to wait for your invitation to apply. From the newly changed system you will be informed within six months.

If you have any confusion and any more question regarding these steps, Comment on the Comment box below.
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Watch: This Deeya Maskey-Nisha Adhikari ‘Love’ Scene Is Pretty Hot TBH!

We must say, Nepali cinema is going through a pretty good time. It was just some years back when almost every single of the film released faced a disaster at the box office, but many of the films these days are able to get a fair mass of audiences to the theaters. Thanks to some young minds who are here to bring a good change in the industry. Having said that, we also can’t deny the fact that our films still have a very long way to go. Talking particularly about ‘love-making’ scenes, we do not have much, or to be honest, nothing to boast about in this area. The ‘love-making’ scenes or simply say, bed scenes, in our films are horrible. Most of them are either emotionless or plain vulgar. Our film-makers still have to learn the art of mastering a good romantic scene. But the scene we have today is pretty good. This one’s from 2012 film ‘Soongava: Dance of the Orchids’ starring Deeya Maskey and Nisha Adhikari. The film directed by Subarna Thapa was Nepal’s official entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards.

The drama film that also stars Saugat Malla tells the story of two homosexual women portrayed by Deeya and Nisha. This 5-minute scene captures an intimate moment between the two actresses and we must say, this looks really good. Watch the sequence below and do comment your feedback.

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Yodda’s New Single ‘Thank You Note’ Is Dope AF!

The UK based ‘Malai Baal’ singer has recently released a new single from his mixtape ‘Aatma Bibhad’. The song titled ‘Thank You Note’ talks about his struggles and also about the current rap scene in Nepal. We must say, this song is a fire. The words are just too real and the flow is simply dope. This young rapper right here, is the next big thing in Nepali HipHop scene. Watch out for him.

You can download his mixtape for free from HERE. Listen to ‘Thank You Note’ below and do leave your feedback in the comment section.

Cover Photo: Pratish Gurung


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This Is Prolly The Sweetest Song You’ve Heard In A While

The chances are you haven’t heard of Amar Magar yet, but believe us when we say this, this guy is good. The Kathmandu singer has come up with an acoustic English song titled ‘Just Said Hey’ and it’s pretty good. The song written, composed and performed by himself features Amar Magar and Avinit Kansakar on guitars. The unofficial video of the song recorded at Inline Creation Records has Simran Shah; and we must say, the video has added some extra charm to the song. It looks simple yet very natural and sweet. The two are actually good friends in real life and that really shows on screen as well. It definitely proves that a girl-guy friendship is the best kind of friendship. Anyways, enjoy this beautiful number for now and do leave your feedback on comment section below.


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Here’s How Sahas Tamrakar Is Outshining His Rockstar Dad & Beauty Queen Mom

Less than a year ago, The Uglyz frontman Sarun Tamrakar and Miss Nepal 2004 Payal Shakya used to be the center of attraction in any event or gathering they attended. The Sydney based couple is one of the most loved Nepali celebrity couples. But seems like this beautiful couple is being left behind by the charm of the newest celebrity in town. And the person who is outshining them is none other than their ten-month-old son Sahas Ratna Tamrakar. Well, seems like gone are the days when Sarun- Payal used to steal the show and it’s baby Sahas who is in charge now.

[READ ALSO: Soul Mates: Love Story of Sarun Tamrakar & Payal Shakya]

Here we present you some photographs of this cute, adorable and lovely little fellow.

“They say my mum’s smile is beautiful, well, she has got a competition now.”

sahas 2

Ever wondered what does ‘picture-perfect family’ exactly mean? This.

sahas 3

Never seen someone else sporting a leather jacket better.

sahas 4

Let’s shop, shall we?”

sahas 5

Like father, like son!

sahas 6

And hence, ‘Sahas’ shall be the synonym of ‘photogenic’ from now onward.

sahas 7

Family goals right there!

sahas 8

Some more goals!

sahas 9

“For my father’s chest is the best bed I can have.”

sahas 11

Make some noise for this lil’ swagger right here!

sahas 12

Some of the best looking people in one single frame. Hmm!

sahas 13

Swimming like a boss!

sahas 14

“Yo mann ta mero Nepali ho!!!!”

sahas 15

“Who needs a ride?”

Girls: Me! Me!! Me!!!


Now be honest and tell us, how many times did you actually say “Aww!”? See, you too have fallen for this cute little buddy, haven’t you? Now you know, why this fellow is the talk of the town in Sydney.

Can’t get enough of him? Well, we have a present for you. Guess what, Sahas has got an Instagram handle which is run by his parents. Connect with him HERE and witness him grow!

And before you leave, here’s a bonus for y’all. It’s a small clip of the future rockstar jamming! Enjoy!!

Photos: Kewal Rai, Suren’s Photography, Raj’s Photography

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Basics of Photography: Things You Need To Know!

[Guest Post by Beekash Chalise]
Photography to the amateurs is recreational; to the professionals it’s dutiful, and toil too, no matter how pleasing it may be. Photography is a major force while communicating person to person. To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place. I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them. I love to click everything I see. I have no particular genre, even if the image is out of focus, it’s an art of photography for me. Photography records the spectrum of feelings written on the human face, the beauty of the earth and skies that man has inherited, and the wealth and confusion man has created.

I started taking pictures in year 2013. I was a High School graduate that tim and used Canon EOS 100D (an entry level DSLR), initially. I took pictures of monuments and heritages at first; I learned photography from a basic Canon Guidebook and EOS Adventure Portrait and Landscape (Tutorial CD) and YouTube as well. I never had a particular genre for shooting; I started clicking what I liked. I started travelling and hiking within Kathmandu valley and outside too. As I have practiced photography, I have always felt that it produces pleasure by simplicity. I see something special and show it to the camera, a picture is produced. The moment is held until someone sees it. Then it’s theirs.

Talking about post-processing my pictures, I began processing my pictures on Picasa in the beginning and then moved on to Adobe Suite (CC and Lightroom). When I learned, I started clicking the photos in RAW file because editing the RAW file images is very unique method of compositing your pictures in your own way and you can play with the feel of light/shadows while processing it, and no impression is compressed in it. When the picture is ready after print, you are going to find it’s a pro option. So shoot RAW!!

These are some important guidelines that I follow while clicking:

  • Proper knowledge in framing/the rule of thirds (framing is the most important part in photography, framing is a technique of setting or placing the photograph of an object/how you are placing the photograph inside the image, thirds is a technique imagine four lines, two lying horizontally across the image and two vertical creating nine even squares.)
  • Maintain the light of the picture you are shooting (next to the subject, the most important part of every picture is the light. It affects the appearance of everything you photograph. For landscapes, try to take pictures early or late in the day when the light is peachy tone and gather across the land)
  • Try for uncommon perspective (try different camera angles to see what looks best, but do not forget to take several photographs of each version of your shot. Several photographs in several different positions will better insure that you pull off that perfect shot.)
  • Last but not the least, reduce shaking and focus your objects (well, at beginning we basically ruin our photographs by improper focus and shakings, to reduce it use tripod while clicking the best shots and try to make hands still by practicing a lot).

So, these are the four basic things that I apply while taking photographs. If one masters these techniques, I can predict that they are going to be an inspiring photographer in the future.

Meanwhile, I see many photographers around basically focusing on good cameras and kit’s without any good experience. So I would like to suggest them go with the flow, just don’t start photography with expensive gadgets without any skills. And many are just getting into it as they think it makes you look cool, but for me, you should get into photography passion, not fashion. This is a very passionate field where you can show up your creativity with your camera and lens. So just don’t do photography trying to be a poseur, try to invoke all those creativity within yourself. I see myself as a passionate “Shutterbug”, just around the corner. Keep calm and click on.

These are some of my shots. I would be happy to get feedback on them. Do comment below.

beekas 3


beekash 4

beekash 5

beekash 6

beekash 7

beekash 8

beekash 10

beekash 11

beekash 12

beekash 13

beekash 14

beekash 15


Connect with me on Facebook, 500px and Instagram.

Till next time!

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